Photoshoot Fridays

So one day randomly, my friend Honei tells me to dress up on Friday & that she wanted to take pics with her spiffy amazing camera that she rented from school.

This ended up becoming "Photoshoot Friday".

Now, every Friday, we will take out the nice camera & take a lot of pics <3 & each week we will have a guest "model" :)

Here are some of my favorite pics that we took this week.

(some behind the scenes shots :P)

& this cute little dog that came over and said "Hi" to us while we were shooting :)

Hope you guys enjoyed!


New Hello Kitty Watch

Hey guys,

I just recently became very obsessed with Hello Kitty & I ended up coming across this watch that I wanted to share with you guys!

I found it online for very cheap, I think it was a good deal because it is adorable <3

The quality is very different from my Kathy Van Zeeland watch so I will have to take extra caution to make sure that this watch does not get any nicks or chips. 

Here's a pic of how it looks! <3

If anyone wants more information on how to get this watch, just send me an e-mail (promiseofinspiration@gmail.com) <3

& Make sure to keep warm this winter! If you get cold easily like I do, my recommendation would be to get this heater..

This is a Lasko Ceramic Oscillating Heater. I bought this awesome heater last year when it was FREEZING & I love it! You can find it at Target for $29

 which is a pretty good deal for a nice heater :)

Hope you guys find this post helpful!