So College is very interesting. The professors here (that's to say the one's i've had so far) really try to get you to broaden your mind and to start thinking about things that we may not normally think about.

I've pretty much started living with Shane, my boyfriend and things are pretty.... Well... different.
I've never dated someone so DEMANDING. Haha, well I could say that my first boyfriend Chris was demanding but Shane.. He's so easily angered. I'm scared I'm going to hurt him with every little thing I do! But I guess that's one of the ways he's showing me that he cares.

We've had so many small fights escalate into something HUGE. It's scary. But I will keep trying. I think that's the best thing I can do for him.. FIGHT for him. I have a feeling that's what he wants from me. For the longest time in his life, so many people have given up on him that he's giving up on himself in a way. He's stopped trying.
Another thing that's been bothering me is half the time he thinks I am not ready for a relationship because of the way I act, but I think that the one thing he doesn't understand is that... that's just my personality. The way I act is just the way I interact with someone. Maybe to him, if he acted that way, It may mean that he wasnt ready for a relationship.. but to me, I know I'm ready and that I've been ready. I know that he's the only one for me and I will risk anything for him. I'm almost 100% sure that he doesnt think that way for me, but for the time being, I am okay with it. Love is something that grows over time and there is no rushing it.

But thinking over the last couple of days, Shane has mentioned that I've been taking him forgranted. I think it's very important that I really think over things before I do them and to really put myself in his shoes to see from his eyes what I've been doing. I've realised that although I think of myself as a sympathetic person, lately I'm not as observant as I should be. He sometimes surprises me with the things he says.

This is were I should leave it. ;D Till next time.



Haha, welcome to my blog page. I've decided that since this pretty much a new chapter of my life, that I should keep track of my thoughts as I progress towards my goals in college.