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Reason simply being... I like the layout of wordpress more than blogger. Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope to talk to you guys soon!



OOTD/OOTN Sushi Night :)

So tonight my old coworker and dear friend Madi and I went to Yamato Valencia to go visit our old manager and dear Yamato Papa. He was our favorite manager of all time while working at Yamatos restaurant and it was nice to see him again!

Here's the outfit I wore :)

(Instagrammed version lol :P IG: LexyInspired)

 and here's a picture of Jae!!!!! Yamato Papa! I love him so much and I miss him ^^ I am so happy I got to see him today. He is one of the most sincere people I know. I wish he could have been my father. 

And of course. Cant finish the post without a picture of the DELICIOUS sushi platter they made for Madi and I 
I felt so VIP :)

Also made a quick video if you guys wanna check it out 

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Thanks guys!


New Finds: Papaya!

Hey guys so I recently re-discovered this store called PAPAYA!


I used to shop at this place all the time a couple years back but since I moved to Orange County, I forgot about all the cute clothes they have there! I've had many of my friends working there as well so I had even more of a reason to go there and shop :P

Here are some cute items I found from the online store! Hopefully if you are lucky there will be a store near where you live so you can go and try on the clothes yourself! 

I noticed that this store has SO many cute selections for a really inexpensive price! Even the dresses are a good price in my opinion. 

This dress is SO cute! I love how girly and light it is. Perfect for a date :P

Loving this tube dress. It's the perfect combination of girly and edgy. Would love to wear this to a club someday lol

This dress is so lovely and romantic. It's neutral so it will go with many things. I think it looks great on this model. 

This watch!!! OMG. I really love it. It reminds me of something I found when I went shopping in Japan.  It's also very thin and small. Perfect for my taste.

Just a plain skirt. I really dont own many skirts and I feel that this one will pair with many things. and btw look at that price!

Simple orange tank. I feel that orange is a very summery color so I picked this one. Also the ruffles on the front are nice and flattering for those who would like to look like they have larger boobs :P

I love this hoodie. Now I know it's summer but in OC some nights it's actually still pretty chilly! (And of course I prefer to go out at night over during the day when it's REALLY hot outside)

This top is so cute!!  It's so simple and girly. Something you could probably throw on for a quick get together with friends :)

Just a plain pair of white shorts. Dont own any at the moment so I would like to get my hands on a pair.

Anyways I hope you guys like my finds. If you like what you see, check out the site for yourself! The prices are really cheap and there are many cute, trendy clothes.
I am currently broke but I know once I get my paycheck I am definitely hitting up the closest Papaya store lol.


Peaceful Day

For today's outfit I wore..
White Longsleeve top from F21
Beige shorts from F21
Gold Long Spike necklace from H&M
Beige fashion handbag from H&M
Gladiator heels from F21

Oh and please check out my new video on the Daiso Haul I did! 
Im pretty excited about this video because it's the SECOND video i've ever done 

Thanks guys :)

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CRAZY about Decoppin!

Have you heard about the Decoppin?

What is Decoppin? Well, Decoppin is a cute little decoration for your Iphone or smartphone. They are little plugs that go into your earphone jack.
Here are some cute ones that I have found while searching for the perfect one on the internet.

 The crown is so cute! Perfect for a princess phone haha

This style is very classy and elegant looking. I love how it looks! I feel like it wouldn't look very good on my Bulky Droid though. Maybe eventually if I get a white Iphone I will get this one :) 

This one is so bling bling but I love that  

This one is so cute! Many of my friends are Disney lovers so I am thinking about buying a few of these to give to them on their birthdays & such. 

The cat ones are SO cute! I especially like the grey hanging cat one on the right. It is SO adorable! 

How I first discovered Decoppin!  I happen to work in a japanese store that is popular in malls all over California. We recently got a bunch of these Decoppins in and I LOVED THEM! My first purchase was a blue simple crystal looking one. Here is a picture..

( I love it!!)

I have received SO many compliments and have been asked many times where you can buy such a cute decoration for your phone. There are many cute places online where you can find them such as..
Strapya World (The place where you can find the blingy crown and class decoppin)
ShopNCSX (Where you can find the cute cat ones :3 )

You may also find them at the local mall if you are lucky! I've seen very interesting ones such as sushi shaped Decoppins at Urban Outfitters, and some cute ones at random phone cover stands.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! 
Happy phone decorating!
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My Little Black Dress

Hello all! I hope you guys are having a great weekend :)
For today's outfit we have a look that is perfect for a night out.

What you see here..
Black dress with star detail - H&M
Gold spiky necklace - H&M (This has been my favorite accessory piece for this month. I love the edgy look. It makes any simple outfit complete!)
Tan Heels from Forever21
Nails - Muchi, Muchi by  Essie

Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this post!
Lexy :)

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Hopeless Romantic

Hey guys, today's outfit is just something cute you could probably wear for a date or if you are going somewhere a little bit fancy :) The top is something that is very easy to dress up because of the fabric as well as the ribbon tie around the neck which makes a very nice put together look.

What you see here:
Red sleeveless top from Forever21
White pants from H&M
Gold sparkly shoes from Forever21
Key necklace with mini clock gifted from a friend
Golden Heart bracelet from Forever21 

The heat is reaching it's peak over here! I hope everyone is having a great summer!
If you have any questions or suggestions etc about this outfit please leave me a comment! 




Hello all, Today I picked a light, casual outfit because it's been very hot over here! Starting to hit 100 degrees! 

What you see here:
Pink tank with black stripes - Forever21
Black Shorts - H&M
Tan heels - Forever21
Beige Bag - H&M
Gold hearts bracelet & Ombre feather earrings - Forever21

Hope you guys enjoyed! Please leave me comments if you have any questions or suggestions! 
Lexy <3

Oh and if you have some time, please check out my Blog Sale!

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Beach time!

Hey guys! So my summer vacation has finally started! A grueling week of finals are over. In order to celebrate I went to the beach (Laguna beach) with my friends. It was a good beginning to my summer.
Here's what I wore! :)

Grey fringe shirt from Forever21 (Can be found here)
Gold spiky earrings from Forever21
Jean shorts from Forever21
Gold shoes from H&M
Pink bag from H&M

(Lol goofy David took some pictures with me)

And here are some pictures of the beautiful beach during the sunset. If you've never been to Laguna Beach I would really recommend it! :)

Thank you guys for taking time to look at my blog! I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! :)


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