Beach time!

Hey guys! So my summer vacation has finally started! A grueling week of finals are over. In order to celebrate I went to the beach (Laguna beach) with my friends. It was a good beginning to my summer.
Here's what I wore! :)

Grey fringe shirt from Forever21 (Can be found here)
Gold spiky earrings from Forever21
Jean shorts from Forever21
Gold shoes from H&M
Pink bag from H&M

(Lol goofy David took some pictures with me)

And here are some pictures of the beautiful beach during the sunset. If you've never been to Laguna Beach I would really recommend it! :)

Thank you guys for taking time to look at my blog! I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! :)


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Crisp Mornings

Hey guys! It's been in the middle of finals week and I'm so excited because I actually had time to blog on my fashion blog <3 This whole week has been a great reassurance to why I chose to follow the route of becoming an artist and it has been a very motivating week indeed. I have been working hard as my first year of art school ends and I hope this motivation will keep me working hard through the summer!

Today's outfit consists of...
1. Loose Long Sleeve from Cotton-on <3
2. Mint pants from Forever 21
3. Gold floral shoes from Love Culture
4. Golden Apple necklace from H&M
5. Bunny Ring (from possibly F21 or H&M)
6. My favorite watch - Kathy Van Zeeland
7. Heart Earrings - Gifted from my bf's mom :)

Anyways, I hope your day will as be full of inspirations like mine has been. Good luck to those who have finals (Keep warm and dont get sick!!)