Crisp Mornings

Hey guys! It's been in the middle of finals week and I'm so excited because I actually had time to blog on my fashion blog <3 This whole week has been a great reassurance to why I chose to follow the route of becoming an artist and it has been a very motivating week indeed. I have been working hard as my first year of art school ends and I hope this motivation will keep me working hard through the summer!

Today's outfit consists of...
1. Loose Long Sleeve from Cotton-on <3
2. Mint pants from Forever 21
3. Gold floral shoes from Love Culture
4. Golden Apple necklace from H&M
5. Bunny Ring (from possibly F21 or H&M)
6. My favorite watch - Kathy Van Zeeland
7. Heart Earrings - Gifted from my bf's mom :)

Anyways, I hope your day will as be full of inspirations like mine has been. Good luck to those who have finals (Keep warm and dont get sick!!)



  1. Hi, Lexy!
    So sorry that you couldn't find the Asos heart-printed shirt :(
    I bought it 3 months ago so I guess it must've ran out :(

    On the other hand, I absolutely love love love your mint jeans!

    The Sweetest Escape 

    1. Thank you so much for commenting back!! <3 Haha I guess I will have to look elsewhere for something similar then :) Thanks again!


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