Mini Drug Store Haul

Hey guys! Today I decided to go and buy these two products that I have been meaning to try for a long time. They are..

1. The Garnier BB Cream
2. EOS sweet mint lip balm.

I wanted to do a small review on these two products. 

For the EOS sweet mint lip balm, I tried some on and my first thoughts were about how strange the shape of the lip balm is. The lip balm itself is alright and moisturizes pretty well. I like how your lips feel minty when you try them on.

As for the BB Cream: I heard on reviews that it is really oily! I have to say that it's true. I decided to try it again without putting moisturizer on and it worked better that time. Although it is decently opaque, my complexion does not look very clean when I put this on and it makes my face look really shiney. The color is a little bit darker than my actual skin tone but it is decently close. I decided to save this product for those days when you wake up late and need to rush to put on make up because it is pretty fast and removes a few steps from my makeup routine. The only thing I have to say if you plan on purchasing this product is do not use moisturizer before you put this on and make sure to bring a lot of oil blotting papers with you for throughout the day! 

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  1. I recently purchased the Garnier BB Cream too. Except there was no option on skin tone colour - Light/Medium & Medium/Dark. The one sold in Asia are all in the same tone - light. The one I bought is a bit light for my skin tone.=(


  2. Oh no I wanted to try the BB Cream but if its oily def a no go for me :( Let me know if you try out any other BB Creams and if the consistency is different!


  3. I love the eos lip balm. It's so cute and fun and I love how the ingredients are organic. Cute blog =)

    Suzie Q
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