March Must Haves: Watch Edition

So it's about that time in my life where I've begun to start dreaming about the next beautiful watch to add to my collection.

The watch I currently have is this watch:

It is a gorgeous watch by Kathy Van Zeeland (Yes, the bag company! Who knew they made such pretty watches!)

I have been wearing this watch for about 2 years now. Originally it came with a gold band like this:

but it wore out after wearing it everyday and I decided to change the strap to a new color to give the watch a new look.

Although I still love this watch, the Italian made Lizard skin band that I replaced the gold band with is worn down and kind of dirty now because of the fact that I chose a white color. I would like to give this watch a break from the constant abuse it has been going through everyday since I first started wearing it. Thus we get into: March Must Haves: Watch Edition.

First we will start with the typical Michael Kors watch.
My friend recently bought a MK watch similar to the top image shown here but with a white ceramic band and rose gold. Needless to say, she absolutely loves her watch!
Compared to her other beautiful Marc Jacob's watch she completely is in love with her Michael Kors and would recommend it over Marc Jacobs anyday.

Other nice watches that caught my eye:
The top Fossil one is SO NICE.

And here are nice looking watches that I found for much much more cheaper (around $30-$100 approx). These are options of watches that are similar to the nice brand watches but are more affordable. If you don't want to spend the money but still want a glamourous watch, I would recommend one of the watches shown here. A lot of these watches can be found on Overstock.com and can be a very good price.

Hope some of these watches fit your fancy! Let me know what your personal favorites or recommendations are! I would love to hear!

Till next time,


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Spring Break 2012 OOTD #3

Hey guys! So today I wore a new top that I got from Forever 21. I love this blouse it's so pretty & I feel so happy wearing it! :)

All the photos of me were taken by my talented little sister, Heidi! Thank you so much <3

 What I am wearing:
White blouse from Forever 21
Black front button shorts purchased at V-Generation
Black heels by Liz Claiborne
Beige handbag purchased at H&M

My sister took some pictures too! She looks so pretty!
What she's wearing:
Long cardigan in Maroon from Urban Outfitters
White shirt from Forever 21
Globe Necklace from POP KILLER (Little Tokyo, LA)
Boots from Urban Outfitters

Annnd some fun pictures to end the day with! :)

Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment if you liked! :)


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Spring Break 2012 OOTD #2!

Hey guys! The weather is so nice today! Shane (my boyfriend) & I are planning to go to Santa Monica 3rd street promenade today, so here is a quick OOTD!

What I am wearing here:
Black flowy top from Brandy Melville (I love this store! They made one near my house now so I can shop there all the time! Before I had to drive all the way to 3rd street promenade to buy their cute outfits)
White shorts from PacSun (I love these shorts & have had them forever!)
Brown short boots from Forever 21

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy your day!
If you have any questions about prices or anything else please leave me a comment below~


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Spring Break 2012 OOTD #1

Hey guys! So it's finally spring break for me! And just about time too :) The weather today was so nice so I decided to wear a cute spring time outfit.

Floral Dress from Forever 21 [Heritage 81 I believe]
Dark Blue Cardigan by Ambience Apparel
Peep-Toe Brown Heels by "Carole Little"  [borrowed ;)]

Anyways,  I hope you guy enjoyed this post! I would love to see your spring outfits so please leave me a comment below if you have some on your blogs <3



Beach Days Photoshoot: Part 2!

Hey guys! So for part two, I wanted to show you guys the outfits that I put together for this photoshoot!

 Outfit 1:

Shown wearing:
Black top from Brandy Melville
Floral Skirt from PacSun
Rose Quartz with Gold necklace from Brandy Melville
Gold floral bracelet from Forever 21
Beige heels from Forever 21

Outfit 2:

Shown wearing:
Black long sleeve with gold studs from Charlotte Russe
Jean from Charlotte Russe
Black boots from Love D

Outfit 3:

Shown Wearing:
Beige infinity scarf from H&M
Pink and White striped knit sweater from H&M
Blue Jeans from Forever 21
Black boots from Love D

Outfit 4:

Shown Wearing:
White Dress from H&M
Beige heels from Forever 21

Hope to do another shoot like this again soon!