OOTD 2/27/2011

Hey guys! Just updating with the outfit of the day!

Outfit of the day was put together keeping in mind work.. (I work as a host at a Japanese Restaurant :] There is a dress code.. but it isn't as restricting as some places ;D)
1. Beige open short sleeve cardigan
2. White and grey top from Forever21
3. Grey T-Parties
4. Black Heels from TJMaxx

As for other news:
Today I went to the local CVS store :] Today I decided to pick up this interesting top coat. I love to paint my nails but I usually don't care about putting a top coat or not. I decided that I wanted to try an experiment and see if using a top coat makes a big difference from not using one.

This is what the back of the package says:

"You have: Nail color that chips, peels and fades
You want: Shiny manicure that really last
How it works: Clear protective formula seals nail color against chipping and peeling. Delivers high-gloss shine and a smooth, flawless finish. UV Protection helps prevent color fading.
You'll get: Brilliant, beautiful manicures! "

Alright so I will update on this item in about a week (Or until it wears out). Hopefully it meets my expectations!

Thanks for reading.. Until next time!


Little Nippy Outside 2/26/2011

Today's outfit:
Black top that I got in Japan
Blue skinny jeans from Forever21
Black Heels from TJMaxx

So here's today's outfit.. It was a little bit cold out so I picked the black top you see in the pictures since it's pretty warm!

As for other news..
I made an account on Twitter! Follow me on Twitter @ http://twitter.com/#!/LexyInspired
It is such an interesting site.. People update on it so often it's like talking about your whole day. :P


Ruffles 2/25/2011

Hey everyone! Just wanted to post up today's outfit..

What makes up this outfit:
Blue Ruffle top from Love Culture
Black Combat style boots from Love Culture
Black Leggings from Love Culture
Grey jacket from H & M

Life: Today I pretty much worked all day. When I came home on my break, I really had a big impulse to just organize everything in my room.. So I did! Haha :P I'm still not done. There is so much I want to do!

Update on Nail Polish color: This shade of pink is very vibrant and girly :] It is the brand "Nicole" & the color "Volunteer Cheer". I think I picked this color to cheer me up from the weather (It's been raining all day!)

As for a pic from my "Collections".. These are all of my shoes! I just have to say, I love to see all the cool stuff people have in their collections.. So I thought I would show you what I've been collecting for my fashion! (These are some of them... I have more not shown >.<)

My favorite pair is the brown boots in the top row (The one's that are fluffy on the top) I will write more about these later maybe in the next blog ;D

Thanks for reading! Show me what you have in your collection?? :]




Hey guys, so today I had to dress up for school and for work (An outfit that should be acceptable to wear at both...)
1. Floral top from PacSun (Kira)
2. T-Parties (Yes, kinda tacky but my manager prefers these over leggings :[ )
3. Gold shoes from Target

As for other news... In my english class, for homework, we had to study the children's story of Beauty and the Beast. It was a great read (Pretty different from the Disney spin off of the tale) When we showed up at the next class, the teacher showed us the trailer of a modern version of the story called "Beastly". I cant wait to see it! I'm excited for it to come out!!
(Although I do have to say... Im not too thrilled that Vanessa Hudgens is in the film...but it's so great that i'm willing to overlook that detail!)

Here's the trailer...

Thanks for reading!


Changing it up

So changing today's outfit up to fight the cold... (I had a night class today so I had to dress warm)
Black jacket - from Nordstrom..
Same Floral dress from earlier - Love Culture
Same leggings from earlier - Love Culture
Black combat boots - Love Culture..
(WOW everything's pretty much from Love Culture today :o Which is strange because compared to other places, I don't shop there that often..)

Princess wanted to join in!

(And then here's Shane :P)
Thanks for reading!

Today, the weather started out kinda gloomy.. But on the way home from school, (we went through box canyon today...) We saw a beautiful view. LOOK at that sky!

My Outfit for today...

1. Beige open short sleeve cardigan
2. Floral Dress from Love Culture
3. Stretchy black leggings from Love Culture
4. Brown Fluffy boots from.. (Japan.. Sorry guys I dont know the store name!! :[ )

Thanks for reading!


Boba! 2/22/2011

I was so happy to find out that they now have PINK BOBA! OMG.. definitely coming here more often!! <3

I actually personally think that the pink boba tastes better... Maybe it's just me though :P

Hahaha, my favorite picture because of Shane's face

Fun After Classes 2/22/11

Today Shane and I had a pretty fun day. I went to some classes and then during my break we went to Chipotle and then walked around Simi Mall...

I got to show off my outfit..

Grey short sleeve from Forever21
Floral dress from Papaya
Grey Leggings from Love Culture
Gold floral Sandals from Love Culture
Brown Oversized Shoulder Bag... Gift from Shane's Mother.. Marinelli(?)

After school we decided to go get some boba and ran into this Ramen store next to Boba Bounce!

Yummy! I haven't had Ramen in a while so it was VERY tasty!

Soon Tofu (BCD Tofu House)

Tonight we decided to have a tasty meal at BCD Tofu House in Reseda.. <33 Mmm!


Haul from 2/21/2011

Went shopping with my friend Lauren!

Here are some of the things I picked up today.. (not too much this time)From..
Forever21: Small Red Bag.. (I'm using it as a pencil/school supplies case) , Golden flower bracelet.
H&M: Owl ring (I really like this ring!!!)
Love Culture: Golden Floral Shoes
Purple Edgy Floral Dress.