Today, Madi and I went shopping @ the T.O. mall. *sigh* I haven't been out shopping in almost a month!
Somebody was a happy camper :P (Madi showing off all of her bags)

(above) Pics of the new band I bought for my watch... My old gold band was starting to get dirty and tattered :( I had to replace it. I liked the gold band because it was something that no body really had! BUTTT while I was in the store, the only nice band that matched with this watch (in my opinion) was this very nice white one. It was about $55 total including tax. It is genuine lizard skin & was made in Italy. I was told this will last a very long time. (bottom pic) The old gold watch band for comparison. (watch to the left is Shane's :P) I may go back to gold again someday!