OOTD 2/27/2011

Hey guys! Just updating with the outfit of the day!

Outfit of the day was put together keeping in mind work.. (I work as a host at a Japanese Restaurant :] There is a dress code.. but it isn't as restricting as some places ;D)
1. Beige open short sleeve cardigan
2. White and grey top from Forever21
3. Grey T-Parties
4. Black Heels from TJMaxx

As for other news:
Today I went to the local CVS store :] Today I decided to pick up this interesting top coat. I love to paint my nails but I usually don't care about putting a top coat or not. I decided that I wanted to try an experiment and see if using a top coat makes a big difference from not using one.

This is what the back of the package says:

"You have: Nail color that chips, peels and fades
You want: Shiny manicure that really last
How it works: Clear protective formula seals nail color against chipping and peeling. Delivers high-gloss shine and a smooth, flawless finish. UV Protection helps prevent color fading.
You'll get: Brilliant, beautiful manicures! "

Alright so I will update on this item in about a week (Or until it wears out). Hopefully it meets my expectations!

Thanks for reading.. Until next time!

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