Ruffles 2/25/2011

Hey everyone! Just wanted to post up today's outfit..

What makes up this outfit:
Blue Ruffle top from Love Culture
Black Combat style boots from Love Culture
Black Leggings from Love Culture
Grey jacket from H & M

Life: Today I pretty much worked all day. When I came home on my break, I really had a big impulse to just organize everything in my room.. So I did! Haha :P I'm still not done. There is so much I want to do!

Update on Nail Polish color: This shade of pink is very vibrant and girly :] It is the brand "Nicole" & the color "Volunteer Cheer". I think I picked this color to cheer me up from the weather (It's been raining all day!)

As for a pic from my "Collections".. These are all of my shoes! I just have to say, I love to see all the cool stuff people have in their collections.. So I thought I would show you what I've been collecting for my fashion! (These are some of them... I have more not shown >.<)

My favorite pair is the brown boots in the top row (The one's that are fluffy on the top) I will write more about these later maybe in the next blog ;D

Thanks for reading! Show me what you have in your collection?? :]


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