Hey guys, so today I had to dress up for school and for work (An outfit that should be acceptable to wear at both...)
1. Floral top from PacSun (Kira)
2. T-Parties (Yes, kinda tacky but my manager prefers these over leggings :[ )
3. Gold shoes from Target

As for other news... In my english class, for homework, we had to study the children's story of Beauty and the Beast. It was a great read (Pretty different from the Disney spin off of the tale) When we showed up at the next class, the teacher showed us the trailer of a modern version of the story called "Beastly". I cant wait to see it! I'm excited for it to come out!!
(Although I do have to say... Im not too thrilled that Vanessa Hudgens is in the film...but it's so great that i'm willing to overlook that detail!)

Here's the trailer...

Thanks for reading!

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