OOTD/OOTN Sushi Night :)

So tonight my old coworker and dear friend Madi and I went to Yamato Valencia to go visit our old manager and dear Yamato Papa. He was our favorite manager of all time while working at Yamatos restaurant and it was nice to see him again!

Here's the outfit I wore :)

(Instagrammed version lol :P IG: LexyInspired)

 and here's a picture of Jae!!!!! Yamato Papa! I love him so much and I miss him ^^ I am so happy I got to see him today. He is one of the most sincere people I know. I wish he could have been my father. 

And of course. Cant finish the post without a picture of the DELICIOUS sushi platter they made for Madi and I 
I felt so VIP :)

Also made a quick video if you guys wanna check it out 

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Thanks guys!

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