CRAZY about Decoppin!

Have you heard about the Decoppin?

What is Decoppin? Well, Decoppin is a cute little decoration for your Iphone or smartphone. They are little plugs that go into your earphone jack.
Here are some cute ones that I have found while searching for the perfect one on the internet.

 The crown is so cute! Perfect for a princess phone haha

This style is very classy and elegant looking. I love how it looks! I feel like it wouldn't look very good on my Bulky Droid though. Maybe eventually if I get a white Iphone I will get this one :) 

This one is so bling bling but I love that  

This one is so cute! Many of my friends are Disney lovers so I am thinking about buying a few of these to give to them on their birthdays & such. 

The cat ones are SO cute! I especially like the grey hanging cat one on the right. It is SO adorable! 

How I first discovered Decoppin!  I happen to work in a japanese store that is popular in malls all over California. We recently got a bunch of these Decoppins in and I LOVED THEM! My first purchase was a blue simple crystal looking one. Here is a picture..

( I love it!!)

I have received SO many compliments and have been asked many times where you can buy such a cute decoration for your phone. There are many cute places online where you can find them such as..
Strapya World (The place where you can find the blingy crown and class decoppin)
ShopNCSX (Where you can find the cute cat ones :3 )

You may also find them at the local mall if you are lucky! I've seen very interesting ones such as sushi shaped Decoppins at Urban Outfitters, and some cute ones at random phone cover stands.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! 
Happy phone decorating!
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  1. I really love them. I really like the diamanté skull like ones like the one Aimee of Song of Style has.

    Anna xx


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