New Hello Kitty Watch

Hey guys,

I just recently became very obsessed with Hello Kitty & I ended up coming across this watch that I wanted to share with you guys!

I found it online for very cheap, I think it was a good deal because it is adorable <3

The quality is very different from my Kathy Van Zeeland watch so I will have to take extra caution to make sure that this watch does not get any nicks or chips. 

Here's a pic of how it looks! <3

If anyone wants more information on how to get this watch, just send me an e-mail (promiseofinspiration@gmail.com) <3

& Make sure to keep warm this winter! If you get cold easily like I do, my recommendation would be to get this heater..

This is a Lasko Ceramic Oscillating Heater. I bought this awesome heater last year when it was FREEZING & I love it! You can find it at Target for $29

 which is a pretty good deal for a nice heater :)

Hope you guys find this post helpful!

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