E.L.F. Haul! 3-8-2011

Hey guys!

So I got this big package in the mail today <3 This is a haul of makeup from E.L.F. Im soo happy! The shipping didn't take as long as last time so I am relieved. So lets start with

Lipsticks 1. Voodoo
2. Fantasy
3. Seductive
4. Gypsy
5. (The Lip Liner) Natural/Nude

1. (starting at top left) Candid Coral
2. Pink Passion
3. (Bottom left) Bronze
4. Flushed
5. Shy

1. Magical Maroon
2. Naughty Noire

All over color sticks
1. Lilac Petal
2. Pink Lemonade
3. Persimmon

Nail Polishes

1. Mango Madness
2. Bubble Gum Pink
3. Mint Cream
4. Dark Glitter Purple
5. Golden Goddess
6. (very back left) Pearl
7. (Very Back right) Blush

1.White Travel Mirror
2. Makeup Mist and Set

(Also, I tried on one of the lipsticks.. this one is "Voodoo". I love the rich bright red color. It's very sexy and confident.)

And I got this Medium sized organizer unit to put my makeup in. It was less than $10 from Target.It's very nice and a good size since I do not have too many makeup items.

In the..
first drawer I keep hairclips/hairbands and lipsticks
second drawer I keep eye makeup such as eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara
third drawer I keep face makeups such as blush/bronzer, powder foundations, acne cream etc.


Here is my lipstick collection updated!!

AND last but not leastttt
Here is the OOFD
1.Blue Flannel longsleeve from PacSun
2. Blue Jeans from Forever 21
3. Gold Flower shoes from Love Culture
4. Gold watch <33 (My favorite watch right noww)

Thank you guys for reading!! If you have any questions please leave me a comment!! <3

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  1. I like your collections nail polish! Beautiful colors!
    And nice outfit! You look good!


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